Thanks again for visiting my blog! My name is James Hoyle, and I am a recent graduate of Concord University, where I was the president of the school’s Film Society for three years. Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a passion for films. I have memories of operating a VCR before I even knew how to read. Over the course of time, my tastes have changed and evolved to the point where I can enjoy just about any kind of film out there, which is why I wanted to explore what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences say are the best films of all time. I rarely, if ever, agree with their choices, but I still have a massive amount of respect for them and what they represent. An Academy Award is a mark of achievement that any actor, screenwriter or director should be proud of. I hope, that by examining these so-called great pictures, that I may learn something. I hope that in turn, dear reader, you too might learn something.